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“Fish Just Can’t Stay Off The Sauce!”

What is JB’s Fish Sauce?

JB’s Fish Sauce is the only custom made fish attractant where all ingredients are blended, poured, and packaged by hand. JB’s is offered in 5 different scents and can be applied 4 different ways, meeting the needs and wants of all anglers’ preferences. Anise, Baitfish, Coffee, Crawfish, and Garlic can be applied using a mist, gel, paste, or solid stick style. All products are full of real crude fish oils making your baits smell AND taste like the real thing. 


Why Use Scents?

Ever wonder why many of the soft plastics you buy are infused with scents like garlic, anise, and other various fish attracting odors? Is this just a gimmick to get fisherman to buy the baits, or do scents really help catch fish? Taking into consideration on how competitive the fishing industry is, if it works, then fishermen will keep using it. This is true across all aspects of fishing ranging from baits, terminal tackle, electronics, gear, etc. Scents and fishing attractants have been around for a very long time because they work. Not all scents are created equal. Some are better than others. This is not just a “plug” begging you to try JB’s Fish Sauce. This is just some basic information that all fishermen should take into account in order to make the most of their precious time spent on the water.


  • Aquarium hobbyists use garlic in their foods to help invoke a feeding response from “sick” fish
  • Research has found that there is an influx of amino acids in the mouths of fish during periods of feeding
  • Fish have nostrils, or nares, and an olfactory epithelium, which is part of a very sensitive sense of smell, using this to help locate food, mates, sense of direction, and other vital purposes
  • Humans carry a myriad of odors on their hands and baits that are repulsive to a fish’s sense of smell

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. However, it all leads to one most important fact. Using scents on your lures AND hands only makes sense!

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Use What The Pros Use

“The scents are perfectly balanced at first smell. Not too dull or too overpowering. Perfect mix! Thank you for giving me a shot at using them!” Lance Baker, BFL/FLW, Rayovac and BASS Opens angler, Altoona Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff, Huxley, IA Kary Ray, BFL/FLW angler, Altoona Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff, Tiffin, IA


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What Makes JB Fish Sauce Different From the Rest?

We combine the perfect amount of scent with the perfect amount of crude fish oils. This enables you, to mask any potentially repulsive odors on our hands, baits, and even fishing line using scents known to be acceptable to fish – garlic, anise, baitfish, crawfish, and coffee.