“The scents are perfectly balanced at first smell. Not too dull or too overpowering. Perfect mix! Thank you for giving me a shot at using them!” Lance Baker, BFL/FLW, Rayovac and BASS Opens angler, Altoona Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff, Huxley, IA     Kary Ray, BFL/FLW angler, Altoona Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff, Tiffin, IA


“I bought the garlic and baitfish scent and guys it works! Out-fished the other guys 3 to 1 in the same ice house, using the same jig and bait. They made me give them some!” Tony Whelchel, Payneville, MN


“I got to go cat fishing today. I used bread and I put the anise scent on the bread. It took just a little bit and it was on! I didn’t catch a great big one, but I was catching average three pounders. I had a blast! This stuff is great! I had two rods, so I used just bread on one and bread and anise on the other. I caught 8 on the anise and two on the one with just bread. I am sold it works! Thank you so much.” Edward Lankford, Gaffney, SC


“I received my order of scents from JB’s Fish Sauce, and I’d like to say I’m beyond impressed. I’m going start by saying they did an awesome job packaging everything. It was packaged nice and snug, and not just thrown in there. I can tell they care about getting their products to their customers safely. As soon as I opened the box I was hit with some pretty amazing aromas, such as coffee and anise, and some pretty potent aromas such as garlic, crawfish, and baitfish. Each scent smells exactly how it should, and then some. Every product in the lineup is also environmentally friendly, which is a huge bonus! At $7.49 for a 4oz spray bottle, and $4.29 for a 2oz gel bottle, the pricing is affordable for everyone! Bulk discounts are also available! From here on out, JB’s Fish Sauce is the only scent I will use!” Charles Minzey, Effect Baits, Westland, MI


“I was using a small Strike Pro jerk bait, silver and black, with JB’s Fish Sauce in baitfish scent. I was only having to work the lure very little, and some fish were biting just by dead sticking the lure. I noticed a difference as I casted to the same area many times, and then started catching one after another. This stuff really works!” Steve Lawson, Filmore, IN


“We took 5 different scents to Guntersville with the hopes of showing that the smaller companies can hold their own against large companies. Well it exceeded our expectations, they performed better. We will no longer purchase the big name and overpriced brands. JB’s Fish Sauce rocks! Keep up the great work!” Trevor Harvel, Riverside, MO – Entyzer Jigs


“I ran down the creek just before dark and snatched these out! I forgot my Crappie Candy so I used some JB’s in baitfish scent. I must say I’m impressed!” Tim Kindrick, Purdon, TX