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JB’s Fish Sauce has even proven to be effective on trout!

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“I have a few photos already and will be glad to take more. I found your product after searching for other products similar to what I was making myself. Turns out your product is way better then mine and is cheaper to buy from you then it is for me to make myself. Great product Jim.”

– Christopher Scroggins, Fort Pierce FL


“Well I’m a big tournament fisherman and fish a big tournament every month plus some small tournaments also.. And I love the stuff.. Best I have seen in a long time. I would feel honored to get some pics of fish and while holding the bottle for you.”

– Anonymous


“I was in a tournament this past spring and was fishing a spot that had fish on it in pre-fishing. I was there for 15-20 minutes without a bite. I looked down at the deck of my boat and remembered the bottle of JB’s Fish Sauce. I put some on and on the second cast caught a 7+ smallmouth. Shortly after that at another spot I caught a 5+ largemouth on the second cast after putting on the Sauce. Needless to say, I won that tournament. I’ve used fish scents a lot over the years and I’ve never had that happen. I’m convinced!”

– Anonymous

Nice catch of King Salmon from Lake Michigan!